Herod the Great

Masada, the Judean Desert
King Herod loved the good life. He wanted himself and his guests to live in Masada, in the middle of nowhere, as though they were living in the center of Rome!
Want to know more about King Herod the Great, Masada, and other places he built?!
Join me to explore this fascinating king who once rules here and his long-lasting building projects!
The Western Wall, Jerusalem. Built by Herod as a retaining wall for the Second Temple
The Western Wall, Jerusalem
Tombs of the Patriarchs, Me'arat HaMachpelah in Hebrew, Hebron - built by King Herode
Tombs of the Patriarchs, Me’arat HaMachpelah in Hebrew, Hebron
Caesarea Maritima - built by King Herod
Caesarea Maritima

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Shai Shvalb

Shalom! My name is Shai Shvalb, and I am a professional private tour guide, and the owner of Know the Land. As a storyteller, I love to lead and guide my guests using my private car in the Land of Israel. I am especially enthusiastic about guiding those interested in history and archaeology, interfaith dialogue and comparison, the Bible, Israeli society, and, of course, Israeli food and markets. I guide in a deep and meaningful way, seasoned with a sense of humor.

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