In 2019 I published a one-of-a-kind Hebrew English dictionary about the Land of Israel – Know the Holy Land. The book is available on Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/author/shaishvalb  

I recently (early 2023) am about to finished writing the manuscript for my second book in English – A Bridge to your Roots (temp.). Using my knowledge of the Bible and Hebrew, my book connects Evangelical Christian believers to the Land of Israel, where all the roots of their faith began at the time of Jesus. I expect the book to be published in mid 2023, so stay tuned!

I offer you my services as a one-stop shop for all your needs in Israel: guidance, transportation, booking hotels, VIP handling at the airport, and anything else you might need.early

After a career as an entrepreneur and a businessman, I decided to turn my passion for the Land of Israel into a career. I am a licensed tour guide, certified by the Israeli ministry of tourism, and I hold a BA degree Graduated with Honors in Middle Eastern studies.

I am 63, married to Sarit, a spiritual teacher and a guide and a couple counselor, father of two children (Omer and Shachar), and live in Ra’ananah (at the center of Israel). Captain in reserves army service.

The thoughts Jerusalem suggests are full of poetry, sublimity, and, more than all, dignity.

Mark Twain

  • Saves money in a professional plan and execution of the tour in Israel. Creating an itinerary by an experienced guide will ensure an unforgettable visit experience, and in most cases will result in a life-changing trip.
  • Helps understand the complexity of Israel, its history, society, flora and fauna, politics, etc. The Land of Israel in general, and the city of Jerusalem in particular, are probably one of the most interesting but yet complicated places in the world. Without a guide you would probably understand very little, and may walk by sites of great importance without being aware to this fact.
  • Helps turn your trip from being a sightseeing trip to an insight-seeing trip.
  • Creates a personalized tour, precisely tailor-made to match your specific schedule and interests.

    A typical Jewish tour  looks different than the Christian one, and a Catholic itinerary looks totally different than the Protestant one.

  • Allows immediate flexibility throughout the way.
    Saves the need to deal with driving, parking, etc., in a foreign country.
  • Optimizes the timing for visiting sites and avoids the crowd, dangerous sites, etc.
  • And on top of all of this – we will get to spend the tour together! Check out the latest testimonials on my TripAdvisor page.

Contrary to what you often hear in the global media – it is usually safe to travel to and be in Israel. In cases where places next to the Gaza Strip or some places in Judea and Samaria (The West Bank), or in the Golan Heights become dangerous – access to those places will be denied, as the Israeli military regulates those areas. Despite its reputation for violence, Israel is a relatively safe country to visit!

Nevertheless, being guided by a professional guide in Israel will eliminate the fear and the danger of finding yourself in an unpleasant situation.

I was told by many of my American guests that they felt much safer in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem in comparison to other big American cities.

So start your journey now and come to Israel!


The best times to visit Israel are in spring or fall. During those seasons the days are mildly warm, with temperatures around 80°F, and the nights are cool.

During the summertime (June to August), it becomes pretty hot during the day, with average temperatures of 90°F. July to August sites are very busy because of the school summer holiday.

During late fall and early winter (September to November), the weather is mild, and usually, the sites tend to be less busy with tourists.

During the dry and hot summer (May to September), Israel has no rain.

During the rainy and cold winter (October to April), there are about 50 days of rain.

Check out the dates, and make sure you don’t plan to come during the peak seasons, which are the Jewish “High Holidays”: Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot (September to October), or during Easter and Passover time (March to April).

During that time, sites are usually bustling, and the prices of hotels tend to rise.

What to Wear in Israel?!

Keep It Casual Generally speaking, dress codes are highly relaxed in modern Israeli society. Restaurants for dinner – Casual. Usually, no mandatory need for a Jacket or a dress.

Dress for the summer heat In Israel, summer begins around April and can last through October. Recommended clothing is airy, short, and comfortable.

A light jacket or long-sleeve shirt is recommended for evenings spent in the desert, Jerusalem, or the Golan Heights. Also, most places in Israel are fully air-conditioned, which some people find too chilly. That extra layer could come in handy if you’re one of those people.

Rain is extremely rare between May and September.

Use sunscreen to protect yourself from the. Don’t forget a hat and sunglasses!

Comfortable walking shoes! No heels, please, during the days! I advise wearing a pair of waterproof sandals-preferred, or Flip Flop shoes in the Dead Sea.

Dress for the short winter Some days can be warm enough for T-shirts. However, we get cold fronts, rain, and the occasional local storm, so bring a rainproof jacket and some warm clothes.

Jerusalem, the Upper Galilee, and the Golan Heights are colder than the coastal areas and can even get some snow during winter. Some people think of Israel as a scorching desert, but it really isn’t. It can get cold and even snow during wintertime. The key to what to wear in Israel during wintertime is Layers.

It can get freezing during the night in the desert during wintertime. Don’t let the sun fool you!

Pack a swimsuit – in any season!

Visiting religious sites cover yourself in any sacred place, such as a mosque, synagogue, church, or the Wailing Wall.

Ensure you cover up to your elbows and knees – both women and men. That means avoiding Bermuda pants or short skirts, or sleeveless shirts. OR carry a long-sleeve shirt and a pashmina with you. Wrap up if you’re asked to.



To me – Israel is my love and passion that I would like to share with you.

My mission is to connect my guests to the Land of Israel using their six senses! And if you wonder what your sixth sense is – come to Israel and meet me!


Great experience Shai was an amazing guide. Great depth of knowledge about the area, history and people. Able to quickly pivot when weather worked against us.
Carolyn H
Carolyn H
Once in a lifetime adventure The charming Shai was beyond passionate in his love for Israel and Tel Aviv.His knowledge of events, history and the region on a whole was remarkable and it was all delivered in such an engaging way — never a dull moment when he was around.Our trip to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem would honestly not have been the same without Shai by our sides, answering every question we threw his way from the serious to the not-so-serious.Everything was tailored to our individual group which made it an experience I’ll never forget.I can’t wait to come back and experience more with Know the Land.#Don’tBeShai
Sophie S
Sophie S
Amazing tour of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv On the first morning of our 5-day guided tour of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Shai announced his motto. “Don’t be Shai,” he said. It was meant as a play on words, for us to know that we could ask him any question and not be ‘shy’ to bridge a topic. However, after five days spent with this wonderful tour guide, I would like to amend his motto - it should read “Be more Shai” instead. This is because Shai was an exemplary guide; kind, funny, passionate, and patient. His unique storytelling ability brought thousands of years of history and culture to life. Shai was a true professional with a sunny nature that was contagious, and I suspect he knows more about food and wine than some of the country’s top chefs. He had us in stitches laughing, and moved to tears when it mattered. I cannot recommend him highly enough if you want to visit Israel and really learn about the land. Todah rabah, Shai. I hope we meet again one day.
Lydia V
Lydia V
Wonderful day in Israel Shai was both professional and entertainment, a rare mix of knowledge and fun, mad the experience memorable, you’d be lucky to book him , as he’s very much in demand ,,
Robert C
Robert C
A delicious morning in Carmel Market and Jaffa From the moment we met him Shai was full of information and lovely to be around. He took us on a delicious food tasting tour around Carmel Market and Jaffa allowing to sample amazing treats from sticky Medjool dates to Yemenite breads to the best hummus and creamy ice cream and malabi (a rose water scented dessert topped with crushed nuts and coconut. We learned much about the market and sights along the way and finished the morning with full tummies and minds. Shai was patient with our teenagers and also took lots of photos so we have lots of lovely momentos of our Tel Aviv morning. Highly recommended.
Victoria P
Victoria P
Family tour Shai did a great job of giving us private day tour that was interesting and fun for the whole family. Definitely recommend.
Israel press trip Shai was knowledgeable on all aspects of Israel from the history to local producers and the best places to visit. He designed a fabulous itinerary that incorporated a visit to Jerusalem, a tour of Jaffa, highlighted local wineries and food producers as well as fantastic restaurants and food markets. His itinerary showcased the 'real Israel'.
Amazing tour guide who made our experience a BLAST Shai was our private tour guide for 10 days while in Israel. He was fun, respectful, and very candid. He also had very unique lunch and tourist options that were "off the beaten path". Most memorably, Shai took our group to a Georgian vineyard in Israel. I would definitely use Shai again when I am back in Israel
Aka A
Aka A
The best way to learn about Israel One of the best guides you can ever come across.An interactive Library. Great personality and a high level of professionalism.Enhances and personalises to suit your needs according to your belief, interest with an unbiased view.Highly Recommended.
The best tour guide in Tel aviv Amazing tour guide, very knowledgeable about little tricks and tips in Tel Aviv. Can confidently say better than other tour guides experienced.Loved Scroll of fire, loved the local eateries he knew, etc.From London
Deep B
Deep B

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