The Knesset – Israel’s parliament

The Knesset – Israel’s parliament A visit to the Knesset can be a fascinating and educational experience for anyone interested in Israeli politics, history, and culture. The Knesset is the legislative branch of the Israeli government, located in Jerusalem, on Giv’at Ram – Israel’s Capitol Hill. This is where the Supreme Court and the government […]

Codex Sassoon – the earliest and most complete book of Jewish scriptures

Codex Sassoon

Codex Sassoon, the earliest and most complete book of Jewish scriptures, has arrived on permanent display at the “ANU” museum in Tel Aviv. The codex contains all 24 books of the Bible along with notes on the tradition of writing and reading the Torah. All of these are copied in the form of a book, […]

JNF-Jewish National Fund-celebrates its 120 anniversary

The JNF, founded by the Zionist movement, celebrates its 120 anniversary. The Hebrew name for JNF is KKL, standing for Keren Kayemet LeIsrael. The history of it is being told by pictures hung long the departure hall at TLV in Israel. JNF’s main areas of activity and action are: forestry and environment, water and stream […]

Yad VaShem-The World Holocaust Remembrance Center

Yad VaShem-The World Holocaust Remembrance Center– is Israel’s official memorial place to the victims of the Holocaust, displaying the perpetrators as well. It is dedicated to preserving the memory of the Jews who were murdered by the Nazis, honoring Jews who fought against the Nazis. Yad VaShem serves as a research center, dealing with the […]

YMCA International Building in Jerusalem

YMCA Jerusalem

The YMCA Center in Jerusalem is located on King David Street, right in front of the King David Hotel. A unique building with a bell tower towering over it. Join me for a private tour of this impressive monument of the Jerusalem skyline. Meanwhile, I invite you to read about the site in this post. […]

Herod the Great

Masada, the Judean Desert

King Herod loved the good life. He wanted himself and his guests to live in Masada, in the middle of nowhere, as though they were living in the center of Rome! Want to know more about King Herod the Great, Masada, and other places he built?! Join me to explore this fascinating king who once […]

Israel – The Magic Land at the Holy Land

The Holy Land of Israel is steeped in age-old traditions, culture, and history, holding many wonders to be explored and enjoyed. This country has abundant findings and sites, animals and plants, and various landscapes. The land mass of Israel equates to the size of New Jersey in the USA.  The geographical location of the Land […]

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